Version History

New in version 2.7.1

Conditional blocks. Conditional blocks or IF statements can be created in the components list or on label blocks to allow conditional compilation of automata or events. They can also be used as an alternative to guard/action blocks.

Use of Log4j 2.17.1. The Apache Log4j library has been upgraded to avoid
the Log4j vulnerability.

New in version 2.6

Reorganised options dialog. The Options dialog is now organised into two
levels of tabs and allows the configuration of verification options in the editor as well as the analyzer.

New analyzer GUI. A new analyzer implementation can be activated by checking Use Waters Analyzer in the GUI tab and Analyzer sub-tab of the Options. The new analyzer has a more modern user interface and gives access to more analysis algorithms and options.

New in version 2.5

Automaton variables. It is now possible to reference the names of arbitrary automata in guard/action blocks. For example, if the model includes a plant mach1 with a state idle, then a guard mach1==idle in any automaton restricts the events of its transition to situations where plant mach1 is in state idle. To use this feature, both Normalising Compiler and Automaton Variables Compiler must be checked in the GUI tab and Compiler sub-tab in the Options. Enabling automaton variables introduces additional syntax restrictions, as there cannot be clashes between variables, automata, state names, and enumeration constants.

New in version 2.4

Global font and display scaling. It is possible to enlarge all icons and fonts in the IDE by changing the Icon set in the GUI tab and Editor sub-tab in the Options. This setting will take effect the next time you start the IDE.

Zoom. The size at which automata are displayed can be changed using the Zoom box in the editor toolbar.